FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Question - FAQ

May I transfer my diving package or a part of it to another person? Can I change my booked service to another service?

In general pre booked services can only be transferred to another person or converted in other services with the written approval of Scuba College.

I am not a very experienced diver and like to be accompanied by a dive guide on my house reef dives. Is this possible?

It is possible to be accompanied by one of our dive guides on your house reef dives. Please check the price with us (~10€).

If do not have a buddy with me on my holidays. May I still pre book unguided dive packages?

Unguided dive packages can only be pre booked for a buddy team. 

Do you offer boat or jeep trips?

Yes, we offer boat trips to all dive sites on Ibiza, on bad weather conditions, boat maintenance or repairs we go to the dive-sites by car.

Are all entries and exits on the dive-sites easy to handle?

Most dive-sites have easy entries; on some trips by car you will find some exceptions. Please check with us before you sign in for a particular dive-trip if the entry and exit points are suitable for you.

Are all dives guided dives?

No, depending on your experience you may participate in unguided diving. Anyway, rthere will always be a responsible dive master on site.

Which is the permitted maximum depth in your diving center?

We follow the regulation, rules and safety standards as recommended by the R.S.T.C. (Recreational Scuba Training Council) stating a permitted maximum depth on recreational dives of 40 meters. Anyway, we usually do not check your computers as you are responsible for your dives, also keep in mind that your diving insurance might not cover any expenses on negligence of the standards. We do have exceptions on technical dives, depending on your level of training and experience; please check with us before you dive.

Do you permit decompression or solo diving?

In general we do not permit decompression or solo diving. An exception here is as well technical diving. On proof of your proficiency by your certifications, technical training courses and redundant, technical equipment we do permit this kind of dives. We still keep the right to disallow these dives with or without indication of reasons.

Do you offer group discounts?

Yes, we do offer group discounts for groups with at least 10 group members doing the same activities. Contact us for further details: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Which standards do you follow on your diving courses and which dive organizations are you a member of?

We do courses according IAC / CMAS and PADI training standards. Currently we are active members of the following training organizations:

  • IAC (CMAS Germany) - training & courses up to Instructor level and technical courses up to Trimix level
  • PADI - training & courses up to Assistant Instructor level
Also divers trained by other organizations are welcome to dive with us.

Do you offer Nitrox and Trimix?


What are the water temperatures in .... and what kind of suit do I need?


Month Temp. Wetsuit min. (mm)
January 14 7-dry
February 13 7-dry
March 14 7-dry
April 15 7-dry
May 17 5-7
June 21 5-7
July 24 3-7
August 25 3-7
September 24 3-7
October 21 5-7
November 18 7-dry
December 16 7-dry

How is the payment?

On Ibiza als booked services can be paid either by bank transfer, Paypal (also credit card), cash in Euro (€) or by credit card after arrival. There are ATMs in a distance of about 8km to the diving center. We do not accept Traveller or other cheques in our diving center for payments.

Do I need to proof a valid diving insurance?

On Ibiza a proof of a valid diving insurance prior any diving activities is a legal requirement.

Do I need an medical examination by a physician prior joining any diving course?

We do recommend a medical examination by a physician prior any diving course. You will need to fill out a medical statement form in the diving center before participation in any diving course activities. If you need to answer one of the questions with YES you must visit a physician first. You may download the medical statement here:


Which required documents do I need on check-in in your diving center?

  • Log-book
  • International accepted diving certification
  • Proof of valid diving insurance
  • Passport
  • Voucher if applicable

We recommend a medical examination prior participating in any diving activities. You will be asked to complete a medical statement form, if one of the questions needs to be answered positive (YES) you are required to have this medical examination by a physician first. We recommend to have this procedure with your doctor at home, but it is also possible to do this on site. You can download the medical statement form here:

Do I have to do a check-dive?

Yes, a check-dive is obligatory in our diving center, but we prefer to call it orientation dive. Beside repeating some critical exercises on this dive we will estimate your required weights. 

Do you use INT or DIN valves on your tanks?

In Ibiza we only use DIN valves on our tanks, so you will need an adapter if you use an INT regulator. If you do not own one, you can rent it in our diving center (2 € / day).

Do you limit the dive time on your dives?

The dive time of most dives is limited to a maximum of 45 minutes.