Why should you dive with Scuba College Diving Center?

As there are lots diving destinations with even more diving center you may be asking yourself this question. Apart from our certification according the international accepted standards for diving centers EN 14467 and ISO 24803 you will find more answers here.

Why does this dive centre exist?

  • All of us love scuba diving.
  • Each dive offers something special for you.
  • We will give you a special experience.
  • We stay together with our friends and guests.
  • We dive in small groups, even on diving courses.
  • We love the evenings and small talks with our guests.
  • To give you the chance to have an inexpensive "deco-beer" after diving
What is the difference compared to other dive centers?
  • We operate the only diving boat in Cala San Vicente and offer regular boat diving trips to dive sites where you will not find any other divers, except the ones in your diving group
  • Small group sizes
  • Certified and experienced divers may dive independently without dive guide.
  • All Scuba College staff love diving.
  • You are free to split your diving packages to be able to rest in between diving days.
  • We follow internationally accepted scuba diving safety standards as defined by PADI and CMAS scuba diving organizations.
  • We support you, even after 5 pm.
  • There is no need for Italian or Russian dive guides or instructors in our diving center.
  • We organize accomodation in different categories
  • We do offer recreational and technical diving courses
What do you offer me?
  • Experienced and well trained dive guides & instructors.
  • Scuba training according to international accepted PADI (Professional Association for Diving Instructors) & CMAS/R.S.T.C. standards.
  • Well serviced rental equipment.
  • Almost virgin and untouched dive sites.
  • Boat trips to several dive sites
  • Fully equipped work shop.
  • Library with rental books for the evenings.
  • Long sandy beach and house-reef in 50m! distance to the diving centre.
Free Extra Services
  • Medic first aid box for your assistance
  • Organization of excursions and accomodation
  • Servicing of your equipment, e.g. adjustment of your regulator, changing mask or fin straps etc.
  • Fresh water rinsing pool, on request we rinse your equipment on checkout