CMAS Assistant Instructor - IAC Basic Instructor

In divers education the Assistant Instructor / IAC Basic Instructor is the connection and interfaces between the student divers, experienced divers and the diving instructor.


The Assistant Instructor assists and supports the diving instructor during diving courses and takes over instruction supporting and promoting actions. The training internship is the substantial section of a diving instructor training. After successful conclusion of the training, confirmation by the IAC head office and the proof of a valid liability insurance for diving professionals the assistant instructor / IAC Basic Instructor receives the training and certification authorization for:

  • snorkeling trainings
  • DSD - Discover Scuba Diving / introductory dives
  • Pool Diver
  • Basic Diver (all qualifying open water dives may be conducted by the Basic Instructor only under direct supervision and with agreement of a diving instructor starting from Moniteur 1 / IAC Open Water Instructor)


  • minimum age: 18 years
  • CMAS*** / IAC Dive Leader or equivalent
  • valid medical examination by a physician
  • proof of participation in all required specialty courses
  • prrof of min. 80 logged dives in different enviroments (min 30 dives in the sea) including min. 25 dives as a dive leader
  • 2 passport pictures
  • C.V.

Course Contents

Training Part 1
  • examination of skills and knowledge of CMAS*** / IAC Dive Leader
  • training and certification system, safety standarda and regulations for the training of IAC diving instructors and assistant instructors
  • introduction into the basics of group leading of inexperienced scuba divers
  • instruction teachings: methodology, didactics, rhetorics, in theory and practice
  • development of course programs and instruction units for the beginners training in theory and practice
  • participation in specialty courses and own execution of at least one specialty course
  • training of student divers in theory and practice under direct supervision
Training Part 2
  • technology of diving equipment in theory and practice, servicing and maintenance with reference to liabilty and limits of the training
  • technology of compressors and filling stations in theory and practice, servicing and maintenance with reference to liabilty and limits of the training
  • instruction for execution and training of safe and rescue as well as CPR under consideration of the training of beginners
  • knowledge of structure, organization and function of a diving school or diving center
  • basic knowledge in selling of diving equipment
Training Part 3
  • min. 40 dives
    • dives as dive leader / dive-guide
    • training dives with contents of instructor training courses and qualifications
    • accompany and support of dives during beginner courses
  • condition training with concentration on dive specifics
  • distance-dives up to 40 meters
  • free-diving up to 10 meters depth
  • long distance snorkeling with full scuba gear (max 2 km)
  • rescue a victim diver on 20 depth, including assistance and transportation on the surface and evacuation on land