CMAS*** / IAC Dive Leader

The student will - in theory and practice - learn the principles of planning, organization and guiding of dives under more difficult circumstances. After completing the course the scuba diver will be able to plan and execute dives under difficult circumstances and also easy dives with unexperienced diver (min. BASIC Diver) in a safe way.

A CMAS***-Diver / IAC Dive Leader is, due to his education in open water, able to dive safely under the following circumstances and posesses the following skills:


  • Planning, organization and execution of dives for / with other divers, also with unexperienced recreational scuba divers
  • Execution of special diving activities for which he is educated and qualified
  • Organization and execution of emergency measures in consideration of local conditions and diving activities
  • Assisting to control and secure diving student, however NOT to teach or examine


Minimum age
  • 18 years
  • CMAS** / IAC Master Diver
  • valid medical statement form showing fitness to dive
  • SC "Diving Safety and Rescue" or equivalent
  • SC "Night Diving" or equivalent
  • SC "Dry Suit Diving", "Drift Diving", "Wreck Diving" and "Cavern Diver" are recommended

Course execution


  • Repetition / intensification of all CMAS** / IAC Master Diver theory, including the SC "U/W Navigation", "Dive Leader", "CPR and O2"
  • Relevant laws for diving, e.g. limits of certifications, insurances for divers, liability
  • Competences of Basic diver and IAC Open Water Diver or equivalent
  • Dry suits, construction and function of regulators, scuba-valves and reserve, icing, construction and function of compressors, torches and other additional equipment
  • Solubility of gases in liquids, limits of the laws of gases, density of inhaled gas, Joule-Thomson-Effect and the consequences for scuba diving
  • PFO and decompression, air arapping, treatment in decompression chambers, drowning, hyperthermy, dehydration, psychological factors in diving, gas poisoning (O2, CO2, CO), Medic First Aid
Diving Practice
  • Planning and managing scuba dives, diving in larger groups, organisation of dive groups, problem management when diving in groups, estimation of environmental conditions, communication both U/W and on the surface, boat diving, diving with unexperienced buddys (also on special conditions, e.g. night diving), altitude diving (including calculation with and without altitude table), ice- and wreck diving, diving with alternative breathing gases, advanced U/W navigation
  • Repetition and intensification of the theory of the SC "U/W navigation", "Dive Leader", "Diving Safety and Rescue" and "Nightdiving"
Diving and Environment
  • water protection, cleaning of lakes / the sea, characteristics of the different seasons in a lake


  • Apnoea skills
  • min. of 4 dives
  • Execution of different dive skills on leadership level