IAC Basic Diver

In addition to the basic contents of the IAC Pool Diver participating scuba divers will understand the basics of recreational scuba diving on two open water dives.

The IAC Basic Diver course is an optional upgrade to the IAC Pool Diver course or can be conducted as a stand-alone course, including the contents of the Pool Diver course. On the end of this course

participating scuba divers have basic knowledge and skills to do recreational diving with or without SCUBA.


The IAC Basic Diver course gives you sufficient knowledge, skills and experience to dive under direct supervision of at least a CMAS*** / IAC Dive Leader with appropriate knowledge and training in open water.


  • 12 years; parents must sign a declaration of consent for their children below 18 years


  • signed medical statement form showing fitness for diving
  • IAC Pool Diver license not older than 15 months or participation in an equivalent course.


  • 2 dives to 6-15 Meter depth, exercising different skills under direct supervision of an instructor


  • IAC Basic Diver Card