CMAS** / IAC Master Diver

Participating scuba divers will - in theory and practice - learn the principles of independent dives in open water with equally experienced and trained buddys. The holder of the CMAS** / IAC Master Diver certification is able to all required skills in a safe und calm way.

After completing this course the scuba diver
  • will be able to plan, organize and execute safe dives together with equally experienced and trained scuba divers and to
  • dive safely until a maximum depth of 30meters (only non-decompression-dives!)


Minimum age
  • 16 years. If the student is underaged, a declaration of consent of a guardian is necessary.
  • CMAS* / IAC Open Water Diver or equivalent, according to IAC Table of Equivalence
  • Valid medical statement form showing fitness to dive
  • Specialty "U/W Navigation" or equivalent
  • Specialty " Dive Leader" or equivalent
  • Specialties "Limnology" and "Marine Biology" are recommended
  • CPR- and Oxygen-course, not older than 1 year. Certifications from authorized diving instructors or rother organizations (e.g. AHA, EFR etc.) are accepted.
  • General: repetition / intensification of all CMAS* / IAC Open Water Diver theory
  • Equipment: advanced knowledge about regulators, scuba with and without reserve, diving instruments including diving computers, buoyancy control devices, dive wear, basic knowledge about handling a compressor
  • Physics: gas laws, especially the law of Henry and the law of Gay-Lussac, light/optics, sound/acustics, heat
  • Medicine: different tissues/ compartiments, anatomy of sinuses of body and head, basics of anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular system, poisoning caused by inhaled gases, squeezes caused by positive or negative pressure, nitrogen narcosis, decompression illness (DCI), thermal damage and shock
  • Diving practice: planning, organization and briefing of dives, leading dives (with one buddy), navigation with and without compass, diving under difficult circumstances (e.g. night-dives, current), breathing techniques, check the right amount of weights, procedures in case of emergency, behaviour with general problems, e.g. loss of a buddy
  • Diving and environment: meeting environmental standards while diving in sea and lake, active environmental protection
  • Apnoea skills
  • 5 dives to a maximum depth of 25meters under supervision of an experienced and qualified diving instructor
  • Execution of different scuba skills


  • CMAS** and optional IAC-Card