PADI Assistant Instructor

The PADI Assistant Instructor Course is developed to teach scuba divers like the PADI Divemaster or equivalent from other training organizations to be able to assist an instructor or teach on their own.

During your PADI Divemaster course you improve your dive organization, dive and dive supervision skills. Now you can concentrate to develop your abilities in the instruction section. By self-studying lessons, formal lessons and practical applications during the PADI Assistant Instructor of course you learn to develop effective training skills and to conduct the following PADI courses and programs: ' Skin Diver ', specialty course ' Peak Performance Buoyancy ', ' Discover Scuba Diving', ' Discover Local Diving ' and ' Discover Snorkeling '.

The PADI Assistant Instructor course familiarize you with PADI standards and procedures, with the structure and function of the diving industry, fundamental ideas of marketing, into sales philosophy, into the question of the legal responsibility as diving instructors and risk management. The PADI Assistant Instructor level is a prerequisite for participating in the OWSI course and the Specialty Instructor courses, which do not have in water activities in their subject - e.g. first assistance with oxygen or equipment specialist.

The PADI Assistant Instructor course consists of the following three modules:

Knowledge Development:

In this section you become familiar with the course structures, the procedures and course contents, as also with the planning of lessons and training techniques for theory-, conduct swimming pool and free water lessons. Further lectures concentrate on the PADI system in the diving training.


While you complete the Assistant Instructor work book, you are led by the PADI Instructor manual, one of the most important tools during your tasks as a diving instructor. The Assistant Instructor work book contains information about PADI and the diving industry, diving as business and other important articles for you as an diving professional. You will find a catalog of knowledge review question in the work book; by filling out the questions offered, you can study in a pleasant way and in a speed controlled by your abilities and time schedule. We recommend to complete all knowledge reviews prior course start date to have all course time available for practical application.

Practical training:

This module stresses the exercises of the practical training, in which you will gain experience in instruction and training. Two options are open for you to fulfill the course requirements. During both options you will practice theory -, swimming pool and free water training sessions for such PADI programs, which you can conduct as PADI Assistant Instructor.

  • Option A: This training part, as candidates and staff in role models function as students and diving instructors, was developed for candidates with limited time schedule and can be completed in 6 days.
  • Option B: The purpose of this option is it to practise and to receive practical experience by work with real students and their questions in PADI courses. By joining parts of different courses and training programs you attain practical experience in handling diving students correctly, in handling equipment problems, learning team teaching techniques with assisting a PADI instructor directly. This Internship option is our preferred method, in order to help you, to become an experienced PADI Assistant Instructor . This option can be accomplished in 2-4 weeks.

AI course materials:

  • PADI Instructor manual,
  • Assistant Instructor work book,
  • Specialty course outline Peak Performance Buoyancy (Instructor Guide),
  • PADI Open Water Diver manual with RDP table and wheel versions

AI course prerequisites:

  • Minimum age 18 years,
  • PADI Divemaster or equivalent.
  • Own full set of diving equipment on professional level (mask, snorkel, suit, BCD, regulator, alternative air source, booties, fins, signal devices, diving knife)

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