CMAS Moniteur / IAC Scuba Instructor

The CMAS Moniteur (Diving Instructor) / IAC Open Water Instructor has a high acknowledgment in the diving scene and is characterized by outstanding theoretical and practical knowledge. The instructor is authorized to certify up to CMAS * / IAC Open Water Diver, with the authorization for certification for the SC navigation, group leading and medic first aid with O2 usage in addition he can certify the IAC Advanced Open Water course after approval of the IAC Head Quarter.



  • Minimum age 18 years
  • Proof of the complete training as IAC Basic Instructor / assistant instructor or equivalent
  • valid certificate of a medical examination by a physician
  • proof of min. 150 logged dives
  • diving career / development (c.v.)
  • proof of accompanied course dives within the CMAS or R.S.T.C system
  • The participation in at least two of the three following trainings is recommended: medicine, rhetoric's and communication, technology. As a substitute the proof of sufficient knowledge and skills in the respective discipline is sufficient


Successful participation in a diving instructor examination (duration 5 days)

Qualification units:
Diving theory
  • Medicine, movement and training teachings, instruction teachings, physics, technology, diving practice, environment
Diving practice
  • at least 6 qualifying dives with selected exercises
Training sample
  • in each case min. one instruction sample for theory and practice session
Emergency medicine
  • in theory and practice

Theoretical knowledge

Diving instructor candidates must have a comprehensive diving knowledge. In addition the following topics must be mastered:

  • Medical and psychological contraindication of scuba diving
  • IAC training guidelines and safety standards
  • Duties of a diving instructor
  • Safety regulations of scuba diving services
  • Proceeding for the filling of compressed gas tanks
  • Contact and communication with the responsible public services (police etc..)
  • Methodical principles for dive instruction in the pool, confined water and open water
Personal diving knowledge
  • Diving Instructor candidates must be able to demonstrate all diving skills of scuba divers of CMAS * / IAC Open Water Diver in demonstration quality.
Lecture presentations
  • Diving instructor candidates on this level must be able to plan and conduct instruction units both theory instruction and raining in pool or confined water for divers on CMAS * / IAC Open Water Diver level in demonstrating quality .
Emergency procedure / rescue of divers
  • The candidates must have completed training in first aid, CPR, Oxygen supply and safe diving and rescue techniques. The rescue techniques must cover: 
    • Recognize of emergency situations
    • Controlled rescuing of divers in depth
    • Effective actions on the surface
    • Evacuation of a victim to land
    • Management and problem solving of emergency situations