Dive sites

The dive-sites in the North of Ibiza Island convince by beautiful underwater landscapes, underwater mountains and lots of cavers easy to dive even for beginners. Usually Scuba College Ibiza starts the dive tripe in teh morning for 2 tank dives. In between the dives we move to nother dive sites. Most of the dives sites suite beginner divers as well as experienced divers.

  • Cala San Vicente
  • Punta Grossa
  • Diving Center Scuba College Ibiza
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  • Cala Lenya
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  • Muräne
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  • Octopus
  • Junkerlippfische
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  • Our Bay, Cala San Vicente
  • On the was to Tagomago
  • Our diving centre Scuba College Ibiza
  • Our own L&W compressor
  • Café con leche in 'On the Beach' restaurant
  • Shopping in Cala Lenya
  • Life Music in Cala Lenya
  • Have a swim on Tagomago island
  • Old lighthouse on Punta Grossa
  • This is colour!
  • Happy Open Water student!
  • Happy Sangria Girls ;-)
  • Congratulations, certified!
  • Baracudas on Reef Jaime
  • Mooray Eel
  • Small and beautiful...
  • The cows under water..
  • Hiding octopus
  • Coulorful fish on Llosa es Figueral
  • Lots of Baracudas on Sec Alemand

LIGHT CAVE (Cueva del Luz) Depth 10-20 Meter

The furtherst diving spot from Scuba College Ibiza, which is one of the highlights of any diving trip. A very large cave with interesting rock formations and a huge amount of marine live garanties an unforgettable diving adventure. This spot is also well know for Moonfishes, baracudas, moorays, crawfishes and jewfishes


You wan't be able to find a simliar diving spot like this one, where one can imagine a sleeping volcano This makes it one of the most important spots to visit in Ibiza.

PUNTA GROSSA 1 Depth 3-30 Meter

On the left side of Cala San Vicente there is a wall 100 meters wide. For the lucky ones there is a chance to see a school of dolphins - mostly in May.

ESCULLES NEGRES Depth 10-18 Meter

Two large rocks are marking this spot. The larger one in the south is surrounded by small rock formations. At about 18 meters depth you can find a cave entry. This is also the place where you may find lots of baracuda.

LIOSA DEL FIGUERAL Depth 10-38 Meter

A shallow between Cala San Vincente and Tagomago marks this diving place. On the east side of this rock formation a beautiful steep face is located, where large schools of fish can be observed.


On the northernmost point of Tagomago island there is a 42 meter wall dive possible. At approximately 30 meters down the wall a small passage can be found which leads to 3 very old shipwrecked anchors.


Two small islands are marking the northeastern border of our diving area. Red coral can be found on this dive.


On the east side of this island there is a beautiful diving spot to find four large underwater mountains. Jewfish and baracudas claimed this places as there home.

PUNTA VERDA Depth 10-25 Meter

A challenging diving spot freefalls 15 meters to a magnificent rock. This is where a 20 meter wide plateu can be found where mushroom shaped rock foramtions are located

PUTA VALLS Depth 7-40 Meter

There is a 40 meters steep wall which is located on the west side near Torre de Valls. A small sailboat wreck can be found.


This diving spot just below the lighthouse is home to many caves and tunnels where Jewfish and morays live.

ILLA PUNTA GROSSA Depth 10-25 Meter

This spot is ideal for three different dives ranging in difficultly from beginners to professionals.

CALA DE MOLTONS Depth 6-18 Meter

A good dive spot to be able to locate large amounts of fish during noon time.

PUNTA DE CALA JONC Depth 10-30 Meter

At a depth of 15 meters one will be able to view baracudas and rays at the enterance of caves.

PUNTA DE CALA JONC Depth 15-25 Meter

In the second largest cave in Punta de Cala jonc a large anchor can be found at 25 m deep.

Also a 25 meter long tunnel is available to dive through which opens to deep water.

CAVA AMPHORA Depth 15-25 Meter

Location for caves with large congas. This is a challenging spot for experienced divers to explore several different caves.

10/30 Depth 10-50 Meter

Between Tagomago and Carla San Vincente, a plateau can be found 10 meters below the surface. This spot is ideal for wall diving.

SA PUNTA VERDA (Open Water Cave) Depth 10-18 Meter

At a depth of 5 meters one will find two small caves, which is a good spot for beginners

ATALAYA CAVE Depth 5-20 Meter

A large anchor can be found infront of a cave at a depth if 15 meters

ILLA MURADA Depth 8-40 Meter

There is a nice wall with small little cabes and a large variety of fish. You will feel like a mouse in a swiss cheese.

PUNTA ROJA Depth 10-30 Meter

Ideal for steep wall diving with jewfish and baracudas

WALL Depth 10-40 Meter

A very beautiful passage on the northwest side of the island. There is a steep wall at a depth

of 40 meters.

PUNTA MOSCARTER Depth 10-45 Meter

A steep wall can be found which stretches over 400 meters

PUNTA GROSSA 2 Depth 10-25 Meter

Steep-faced wall.

PUNTA GROSSA 3 Depth 10-35 Meter

Steep-faced wall.


Steep-faced wall.

PUNTA DE RIBES Depth 5-20 Meter

A small shipwreck on the eastside of the island can be found

LIOSA DEL FIGUERAL Depth 10-18 Meter

Steep walled diving for OWD's (Open Water Diver).