Diving prices on Ibiza

Find the prices of Scuba College Ibiza in this section. If you need any further details or want to reserve your diving activities in our diving center, do not hesitate to contact us. All listed prices are pre booking prices and subject to change without prior notice. Resort rates may differ from online prices.

Diving Prices

1 Dive 40,00 Euro With own Equipment
2-4 Dives 33,00 Euro With own Equipment
5-9 Dives 31,00 Euro With own Equipment
10-20 Dives 29,00 Euro With own Equipment
1 Dive 50,00 Euro incl. Rental Equipment
2-4 Dives 45,00 Euro incl. Rental Equipment
5-9 Dives 43,00 Euro incl. Rental Equipment
10-20 Dives 41,00 Euro incl. Rental Equipment

Prices per person and dive


Night Dive +10 Euro per Dive
Long Distance +10 Euro per Dive
Snorkelling 20 Euro per Trip

All dives include tank and weights!

We also sell dive insurance per day, per week, per month and per year.

Diving courses

Scuba Review  52 Euro
Discover Scuba Diver * 85 Euro
Scuba Diver * 240 Euro
Open Water Diver * 390 Euro
Adventure Diver  * 220 Euro
Advanced Open Water Diver * 290 Euro
Emergency First Response   170 Euro
Rescue Diver * 380 Euro
Divemaster  800 Euro
Assistant Instructor  700 Euro
* incl. rental equipment

Speciality courses

Master Scuba Diver 5 Specialties +50 Euros
Wreck Diver 200 Euros
Deep Diver 200 Euros
Underwater Navigator 150 Euros
Drift Diver 120 Euros
Night Diver 150 Euros
Search & Recovery Diver 200 Euros
Peak Perfomance Buoyancy 120 Euros
Enriched AIR Diver (Nitrox) Non Diving 150 Euros

All listed prices are subject to change without prior notice and include all taxes. Prices on the spot may differ from online prices.

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