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Most pictures on this website were taken by Scuba College guests. Many thanks to the photographs for letting us use their pictures, in particular:

If you are not listed and your picture is on our website please let us know, we will include you in this list.



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Terms & Conditions


Scuba College is not a travel agent and is not responsible for the performance of the respective travel agency or airline company. For booked accommodation Scuba College is not responsible for services of the hotel/camp. Complains and remarks needs to be directed to the perspective hotel/camp management as Scuba College is an agent but not the hotel/camp owner.


On receipt of the booking, we will send a provisional booking confirmation to the customer. This provisional booking will be valid for 14 days, part of the provisional booking confirmation is a deposit, the amount depends on the type and the time of booking. By payment of the deposit within the validity period of the provisional booking by the customer, the customer confirms the reservation. For non-receipt or timely receipt of the deposit Scuba College has the right to cancel the booking without further information to the customer.


Scuba College confirms the payment of the deposit to the customer, the offer in connection with the receipt of the payment is considered as a binding confirmation.

Final payment

The booking balance is to be paid in cash / euros on arrival on site or to be paid soon prior to arrival to our bank account. Scuba College does NOT accept checks, traveler's checks or credit cards. For cash payments in other currencies local exchange rates apply.

Cancellations and absence of the journey

Until 14 days prior to arrival, no cancellation fee applies to the customer. Cancellations less than 14 days prior to arrival forfeit the deposit, provided the cancellation is not proven caused by Scuba College. On cancellation because of a negligent or grossly negligent behavior by Scuba College, the respective customers will be reimbursed by Scuba College. On health problems on site, in consultation with Scuba College, and only with their explicit consent, booked services with the exception of accommodation services of any kind are reimbursed; for any purchased services, the on the spot price plus applicable taxes is calculated, any advance payments are counted but not reimbursed. Scuba College is not liable for losses or damages of third parties arising from a cancellation or cancellation of a booked service.

Transmitting and converting services booked

All booked services as dive packages, dive courses, accommodation, transfers and excursions are not transferable or convertible to other people or other services.

Power Requirements

For all diving activities booked following conditions and prerequisites generally apply

  • Valid medical certificate or medical statement
  • Valid diving license (Certificate, not required for entry programs and courses)
  • Evidence of diving accident insurance
  • Full dive equipment
    • ABC (fins, mask, snorkel)
    • regulators including SMB
    • Alternate air supply
    • BCD
    • dive computer and / or Zeit-/Tiefenmesser
    • wetsuit (if required)
  • Acceptance of local regulations prior any diving activities
    • Maximum diving depth of 40 meter*
    • No decompression diving*
    • No solo diving *
  • Follow the rules and regulations for environment protection
  • Participate in dive briefings and follow the instructions of our group leaders / guides / instructor of Scuba College
  • On booked diving courses additional conditions and prerequisites apply:
    • the course descriptions, contents and conditions within the booking as been described are valid, accepted and fulfilled
    • all student data required by Scuba College and training standards are documented and stored for the purpose of certification and might be submitted partly or completely to training agencies for certification purposes

* Except for activities in the field of technical diving

Disclaimer - Liability Release statement

Scuba College can not be held liable and is not responsible for personal injury of any kind, loss of property or death that may occur during the pursuit of diving activities. This also applies to the risks associated with diving with compressed air or other gas mixtures, including actions by third parties. Diving with compressed air and especially technical diving with mixed gas requires a certification by a recognized diving association, such as PADI or CMAS. It is the responsibility of customers to be qualified and this desire to prove to. This includes all diving activities with the exception of the Discover Scuba Diving and Discover Scuba Diving - program in which participants can take part without a license.


Conduct your diving courses in Scuba College

We offer our facilities for diving clubs to conduct and to finish courses according your training agency standards.

  • proof of valid teaching status within your training agency
  • proof of valid professional liability insurance
  • all students and instructors booked accommodation with Scuba College - Diving Camp Nuweiba

For your exercises and practical applications you can use our house-reef and the sea-grass-area at our beach. For every students dive we will charge you with 10 € per dive, the instructor is free of charge. The classroom can be used after coordination with Scuba College Staff (sorry, but the priority is on our classes, but you will find plenty of space on our terrace area if the classroom is occupied).

Please check for details with us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.