Diving Courses

Scuba College diving schools on Ibiza and in Nuweiba offer divers education and training according well accepted and world wide acknowledged training SCUBA standards of PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) and IAC (International Aquanautic Club). All students can be assured to receive the best possible diving courses with our well experienced and qualified instructors. All instructors understand the needs of the students with years of experience in the field of SCUBA diving.

Table of Equivalency





ISO Standard / EUF certified

Basic Diver Basic Diver/Scuba Diver Scuba Diver Apprentice Scuba Diver Supervised Diver
Open Water Diver CMAS* Open Water Diver Scuba Diver 1 Autonomous
Advanced Open Water Diver -- Advanced Open Water Diver -- No EN standard
Master Diver CMAS** Rescue Diver Scuba Diver 2
Dive Leader CMAS*** Dive Master Scuba Diver 3 / Dive Supervisor Dive Leader

IAC Pool Diver

During the IAC Pool Diver course the upcoming scuba divers will learn the basics for recreational scuba diving in theory and practice. This course includes basic knowledge and skills for safe diving with and without scuba. 

IAC Basic Diver

In addition to the basic contents of the IAC Pool Diver participating scuba divers will understand the basics of recreational scuba diving on two open water dives.

The IAC Basic Diver course is an optional upgrade to the IAC Pool Diver course or can be conducted as a stand-alone course, including the contents of the Pool Diver course. On the end of this course

CMAS* - IAC Open Water Diver

In the IAC Open Water Diver course the student will - in theory and practice - learn the principles to participate in guided scuba dives in open water. In this context he will also get the basic knowledge how to conduct independent dives in open water with an at least equally trained buddy.

IAC Advanced Open Water Diver

The IAC Advanced Open Water Diver course develops the knowledge of scuba divers to advanced level. This course includes the knowledge and practical training for U/W navigation, dive deader and medic first aid. After completition of this course and formal orientation of the diving area the candidate may dive independently with a scuba diver minimum on the same level.

CMAS** / IAC Master Diver

Participating scuba divers will - in theory and practice - learn the principles of independent dives in open water with equally experienced and trained buddys. The holder of the CMAS** / IAC Master Diver certification is able to all required skills in a safe und calm way.

After completing this course the scuba diver