IAC International Aquanautic Club

Scuba College is an IAC Intructor Training FacilityScuba College is an IAC (International Aquanautic Club) Instructor Training Center (ITC) and therefor it offers diving courses according the modern and in depth going IAC training standards for beginners up to professional divers. All Scuba College instructors are qualified IAC instructors and have a lot of experience in the field of divers education.

CMAS** / IAC Master Diver

Participating scuba divers will - in theory and practice - learn the principles of independent dives in open water with equally experienced and trained buddys. The holder of the CMAS** / IAC Master Diver certification is able to all required skills in a safe und calm way.

After completing this course the scuba diver

CMAS*** / IAC Dive Leader

The student will - in theory and practice - learn the principles of planning, organization and guiding of dives under more difficult circumstances. After completing the course the scuba diver will be able to plan and execute dives under difficult circumstances and also easy dives with unexperienced diver (min. BASIC Diver) in a safe way.

A CMAS***-Diver / IAC Dive Leader is, due to his education in open water, able to dive safely under the following circumstances and posesses the following skills:

CMAS Moniteur / IAC Scuba Instructor

The CMAS Moniteur (Diving Instructor) / IAC Open Water Instructor has a high acknowledgment in the diving scene and is characterized by outstanding theoretical and practical knowledge. The instructor is authorized to certify up to CMAS * / IAC Open Water Diver, with the authorization for certification for the SC navigation, group leading and medic first aid with O2 usage in addition he can certify the IAC Advanced Open Water course after approval of the IAC Head Quarter.